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Opiate Addiction Treatment

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Opiate Addiction

Patients often start using opioid pain medicines for a legitimate purpose, such as following a major surgery.  However, after a few weeks on the medication, the patient may find they have become dependent or addicted to their medication.

With recent changes in medical culture, many providers are now refusing to write long-term prescriptions for opiate and opioid medications, leaving their patients in withdrawal.  Some of these individuals have sought out other ways to treat their addiction.

We’re here to help! Dr. Reis has extensive experience in addiction medicine.  Her non-judgmental, no-nonsense approach has been successful in helping many individuals regain their ability to lead a normal, clean life.

Addiction is not a weakness: it is a medical condition that can be treated!

Our Program

Reis Family Medicine offers treatment of opioid use disorder (OUD) using medication-assisted treatment (MAT) in a comfortable, private office setting. No daily dosing. No long lines. No triggering conversations. No judgment.

Requirements of the program:

Patients must be a member and receive their primary care from the clinic.
Submit to routine and random saliva drug screens.
Sign medication contract (no opiates from outside facilities).
Pass routine Prescription Monitoring Database checks.
Refrain from other illicit substance use.
Remain compliant with clinic appointments.

Primary Care Membership and Suboxone Treatment $150/month



SUBOXONE® is a medication that contains both buprenorphine (a long-acting opioid) and naloxone (an opioid-reversal agent that prevents abuse of the medication). It is a film that is taken sublingually (under the tongue) on a daily basis to prevent opiate withdrawal symptoms and cravings.  Appropriately selected patients can be treated in a primary care physician’s office, rather than in a methadone clinic or inpatient treatment program.

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