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Providing guidance in your journey to good health.

Reis Wellness focuses on Primary Care. Primary Care involves taking care of the health of all members of the family at any age, diagnosing and managing most acute and chronic medical conditions. Reis Wellness strives to help patients achieve good health by offering options and pathways to health based on personal needs, abilities and expectations. We believe that the human body wants to be healthy and whole and medicine should give people the tools to achieve a more natural balance. We provide patients with a personalized roadmap in their journey towards better health.

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About Us

About The Doctor

Dr. Reis is a family-oriented Osteopathic physician, board-certified in Family Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine. She is currently an adjunct professor at the Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine where she works with first and second-year medical students, instructing clinical skills and osteopathic manipulation. She has a Bachelors of Arts Degree from Northwestern University and a Masters Degree from the College of William and Mary. Dr. Reis received her medical degree from the West Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine. After completing her residency in Largo, Florida at the largest osteopathic residency on the East Coast, Dr. Reis worked as a family physician providing comprehensive care to patients of all ages.


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Dr.Reis is committed to Direct Primary Care and being able to spend time to become acquainted with her patients and putting them on a path to better health. Dr. Reis strives to minimize medications and reverse disease processes by seeking balance for the body.

Dr. Reis resides in Boise, Idaho with her husband and three children, and loves to spend time with her family and friends. She enjoys athletic activities such as swimming, hiking and biking.


What We Offer


Unlimited phone, secure video, messaging, and, email


direct access to Dr Reis

Labs drawn in office


Prescriptions offered in office for acute care

Discounted Supplements

Manipulative Medicine

Weight Loss

Anti-aging Medicine


GeneSight Testing

Hormone Therapy

Vitamin Infusion therapy

Galleri Cancer screening in office

ViaSure treatment for ED and tendon and ligament injuries

Pure Genomic DNA testing

Kids 1-18

(with adult member)

Adults 19+



Reis Wellness Pricing

Reis Wellness Services Member’s Pricing Non-member’s Pricing
1 hr consultations Included with membership $250
Follow up 30min consultations Included with membership $175
Spruce App for direct communication with Dr Reis Included with membership Not included
Osteopathic Manual Treatments $50 $125
ViaSure for musculoskeletal
inflammation and pain
*Typical results in 2-4 session
$150 $250
ViaSure for ED
*Typical results in 4-6 session
$300/treatment $400/treatment
ViaSure for Cellulite reduction *Typical results in 4-6 session $300/treatment $400/treatment
TMS therapy (1 session)
*Typical results in 20-36 sessions
$150/session $220/session
Genomic Testing Evaluation Included with membership
*pt responsible for cost of DNA acquisition from 23 and me or Ancestry (@$99)
*pt responsible for cost of DNA acquisition
from 23 and me or Ancestry (@$99)
Galleri Cancer Screening $949 (Galleri cost) $949 with $250 consult fee
Genesight testing Genesight cost variable with insurance $250 consultation fee with testing
Vitamin Injections Packages:
1 injection $20
2 injections $30
3 injections $40
4 injections $52
6 injections $75
8 injections $96
Not available
Vitamin Infusions $115 $175

What Patients are saying

I have had the great fortune to finally find an amazing doctor. Dr. Laura Reis is not only extremely knowledgeable, but she is compassionate, patient and responsive. Dr. Reis thinks “outside the box” and finds a way to treat the root problem not just the current issue. Dr. Reis is great at connecting the dots so to speak, and addressing underlying, linked issues. I wanted continuity of care, and accessibility , and a doctor that would actually listen! Our family has found all this and more with Dr. Reis, and we couldn’t be happier and in better hands!


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